Ceramic Chips

4Heros has partnered with an veteran owned business to offer our customers high impact 1 3/4″ ceramic chips that are manufactured here in the United States. These highly durable, lightweight and cost effective chips can be customized with any logo, photo/graphic or whatever else your mind can think of.

These are a great alternative to the more expensive metal challenge coin. The ceramic chips can also have custom information on the edge of the chip.

Because of their price point, these chips can be been used in fundraising efforts. Please see the table below for the $10.00 “Chip in” Program which shows how much money you can make (“Your Profit” in yellow table below) if you can come up with a customized design that people will buy for a $10.00 donation. It is a great way to raise money and provide people with a long-lasting attractive keepsake!

For an added cost, the ceramic chips can also be upgraded to a package that has a stand and customized velvet bag.