At 4Heros, we offer large, thick (4mm) challenge coins that we call medallions. Usually these medallions are made of brass but can also be made from iron or zinc. Sizes for medallions are typically from 3”- 4.25”. Based on our customer’s requests, we can also provide a customized velvet box to hold the medallion for presentation. These boxes are custom made to fit the medallion and, because we can make your medallion in any shape that you would like, the box is also custom made to fit the shape of your medallion.

In addition, we offer a variety of plating options, special coin edges, and other features like numbering, engraving bars, and epoxy coatings. To find out more about our options for medallions, please see our Design Page ( ) and hit the Contact Us button in the upper right corner to discuss your custom challenge coin project. Minimum order is 100 medallions.