Elks Lodges and B.P.O.E.

4Heros began working with Mike Manning from the Elks National Veterans Service Commission back in 2003. At that time, we created a special commemorative flag that was made and given to the volunteers of that great organization.

Since that time 4Heros has added many products designed especially for Elks Lodges and their members. 4Heros is a nationally licensed vendor with the Elks and Karen is an Elk’s member of Lodge 46 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

4Heros has created special keepsakes for numerous lodges across the country. These items have been used for the following:
• Gifts for new members
• Lodge Anniversary celebrations
• Centerpieces for special events
• Fundraiser events
• Awards
• Americanism Committee
• Veterans recognition events

Our products are made with the philosophy that design decisions should be made in the interest of the product being the best that it can be. Frequently, this means deciding to use a more costly process, or a more expensive material then would normally be called for.

We know that in order to produce the best, quality can never be compromised. Our products are made of high quality materials that are not usually found in merchandise today:
• Brass
• Stainless Steel
• Austrian Crystal
• Anodized