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We have many different types of manufacturing processes to chose from to enable your design to “come to life” when making your VFW custom lapel pin. We can produce 3D zinc pins, cut-outs, soft enamel, offset print and much more. We can offer additional options for soft enamel color, glitter, translucent, and also different types of finishes for you to choose from. 4heros offers custom made challenge coins as well as custom medallions.

All of our custom coins are made from brass, iron, zinc, high impact ceramic or clay. We utilize both standard and custom coin dies to produce our challenge coins. All of our challenge coin dies can be used as one side of a custom challenge coin. Please see the examples of our challenge coins below. Our custom coins are completely unique and offer the highest quality in design and detail. There are endless possibilities in creating custom coins with 4Heros. We work with our customers to find out exactly what they would like and then work with our design team to create a lasting keepsake that we are all proud of.

CHALLENGE COIN HISTORY: The tradition of “Challenge Coins” originated during World War I. American volunteers had formed flying squadrons. Each member of one of these squadrons had a solid bronze medallion produced by the squadron’s wealthy lieutenant. One member of this squadron escaped from German captivity and was recaptured by the French. The French were about to execute the American not knowing he was a friend. But the squadron medallion worn by the American was recognized by one of the French. The American flyer’s life was spared. During & after World War I, a tradition began to ensure that members carried their coin at all times. This goal was pursued by having a member challenge another member to show the coin. If the challenged could not show the coin, the challenged had to buy a drink of choice for the challenger. If the challenged could show a coin, the challenger had to buy the drink. For many years after World War I, surviving members kept this tradition alive.